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The Best Organic Probiotic , Fermented Beverage in India


What is Zeuster Kambucha

The Only Organic , Fermented , Probiotic , Handmade ,Energy Drink in India

Zeuster Kambucha 

Kombucha is a tea that has been cultured. Like other cultured foods, such as yogurt and kefir, the culturing period is when the transformation occurs. During that time our Kombucha becomes naturally rich with Probiotics, Amino Acids, Polyphenols and Active Enzymes.

What does it taste like?

Kombucha is a cultured beverage, so it does have a tangy taste similar to an apple cider vinegar. Our taste buds are so used to sugary drinks that the tart and slightly biting taste of Kombucha might initially catch you off-guard.

What are the floaties in my bottle?

These are strands of healthy culture! The culture is not visibly present at the time of bottling, but form afterwards as an indication that the product is still living and active. The longer that the product is bottled, the more culture strands form. Think of it like a coral reef that harbors billions of living probiotics.

How many probiotics are in a bottle of Zeuster Kambucha?

All offerings in Zeuster Kambucha line contain two billion living probiotics, at time of bottling. This includes Zeuster Kambucha with 3% ABV. At time of bottling, every 16 oz bottle of Zeuster Kambucha contains two billion living probiotics (each 8 oz serving contains 1 billion living probiotics).

Does Kombucha contain caffeine?

Our products are considered naturally decaffeinated and contain anywhere from 8mg to 14 mg per serving. (By comparison, coffee has 100mg of caffeine per 8 ounces and decaf has 5mg per 8 ounces.)

Is it supposed to be fizzy?

The effervescence in Zeuster Kambucha products is 100% naturally occurring and can vary from batch to batch and bottle to bottle. Unlike soda, the effervescence actually increases over time; therefore fresher product tends to be on the quieter side. The quality and benefits are still present in our Kombucha even if the effervescence is not.

Who can drink Kombucha?

Everyone of all ages can enjoy our Enlightened Kombucha! Just remember that children are smaller, therefore their servings should be as well.

How much should I drink?

Everyone has a unique system, therefore we suggest listening to your body when trying to determine the appropriate amount for you. However, if you are a first-time consumer, it is best to slowly introduce Kombucha to your system; have 4-6 ounces before breakfast and then gradually increase your intake.

Can Kombucha be consumed during pregnancy?

It is generally accepted that women should not introduce anything new to their system during pregnancy. Therefore, we always advise consulting with your doctor.

How do I store it?

Because it is a raw, living food, ALWAYS keep your Kombucha in the refrigerator (33-40°F). Additionally, Zeuster Kambucha should always be stored upright and never on its side.

Can I shake it?

Do NOT shake the bottle. If shaken, an overflow can occur due to the natural effervescence. To mix the sediment, we recommend tilting the bottle gently back and forth.

Can I drink the product after its expiration date?

We advise to consume our Kombucha either on or before the date printed on top of the cap.


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